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Why Susan?

Unique Methods and Exceptional Results

An executive coach, Susan’s methods of transformational change have positively impacted over 600 businesses in nearly two decades of working with leaders and their organizations. Through a Gift-Centered Approach, integrating mind and body practices, she has created dramatic turnarounds, cultural transformations, increased profitability, and helped executives live a more balanced and fulfilled life. A recognized expert with millennials, she was instrumental in taking a revolutionary method created by Tony LoRe, Founder and CEO of Youth Mentoring Connection, into the corporate world. Today this method is being used in over thirty countries because of its capacity to unite all generations through their gifts, passions, and purpose.

Transformational Services

What makes her techniques so effective and the most cutting–edge in her field , is her ability to combine and create powerful transformational methods from the wealth of knowledge, wisdom , and experience she has gained in over two decades of working with some of the finest teachers in her field, who were instrumental in her own transformational journey: Anthony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, Peter Drucker, Coach John Wooden, Max DePree, Richard Strozzi–Heckler, Wendy Palmer, Pema Chodron, and Jack Kornfield. Now you too can experience and create the kind of fulfilling life you deserve for yourself and the people you serve. Susan’s commitment to making a difference and the results she has achieved because of her dedication to other people’s life purpose will be one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever embark on.

What Clients Are Saying

In a little more than a year since coaching me, my store numbers went from hitting 30% of my monthly budgeted goals to 100%. I went from several human resources issues a day to 1 HR issue in the last year. We’re expecting the best year financially.
~Daniel Stewart, General Manager, Krispy Kreme
Before we started on this journey, my department was a mess. Now, I feel like I have a team behind me. Who would have thought that my whole department would change because I changed.
~J. Michael Evans, Senior Vice President & CFO, Norman, Fox & Co
As a working mother of two, Susan’s approach was tailored to me. Within the first 6 months of hiring Susan, we enjoyed record breaking sales. A year and half later, I can honestly say that I know my team is passionate and we will double what we did last year in sales.
~Kimberly Khanbeigi, President and CEO, Kiyonna Clothing, Inc.
A direct result of working with Susan was my recent promotion from Vice President to Chief Operating Officer. Because of Susan’s coaching, I’m listening and trusting my people to use their talents to solve issues and connecting and engaging with them in a way that brings their best selves forward.
~Armando Apodaca, COO, International Right of Way Association
Susan’s efforts and insight have changed our culture and left an indelible mark on Wingman. Her ability to work with our people to identify and articulate their concerns, then help them present viable solutions has made a significant difference in our business.
~Steve Dubane, President and CEO, Wingman Media

Sawubona Leadership

More than a decade ago, Susan’s clients, frustrated with their millennial employees, challenged her to find a better way to engage this generation. Exploring beyond the bounds of academic and consulting circles, Susan was profoundly moved by Sawubona (sow-BOH-nah, Zulu for “I see you”), a concept used at an organization that mentors deeply wounded youth from Los Angeles ghettos. Seeing how a Gift-Centered Approach turned around thousands of lives—for inner-city millennials and the staff serving them—Susan brought Sawubona Leadership to the corporate world, guiding hundreds of clients’ teams through dramatic turnarounds and cultural transformations to achieve increased productivity and profitability while transforming their lives. Today Sawubona is in over thirty countries.

The power dynamics in companies is shifting. Leaders that fail to create a culture where people feel empowered to use their inherent gifts, ignite new ways of working together, and go beyond doing a job to fulfilling a purpose, will see their most talented workers of younger generations leaving—working for their competitors or starting businesses to compete with theirs. Sawubona Leadership is a revolutionary method that revitalizes every generation to create a shared future and an enduring path to profits through purpose.